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About Us


Personalized Laser Eye Surgery to world-class standards

At Shanti Ram Netra Centre, we go beyond a cursory screening procedure. With our wealth of experienced doctors and enriching equipment, we bring our patients an ethical medico environment of trust. We believe your vision is vital and understand the complex mechanism that drives it. Capable of rendering extensive eye scans and tests we assess the extent of your problem quite precisely.

Are we your right choice for eye care needs?

Absolutely. Offering the in-depth diagnostic procedure powered by world-class equipment, we reduce the chances of any complication to your vision. Our eye care services encompass cataract, glaucoma and refractive surgery primarily. Along with our human expertise lead by Dr. Vivek Singh we have a rich technology support which includes some patented systems like world-class Alcon infinity vision system Phacoemulsifier (USA) which is trusted by the ophthalmologists as the best equipment for cataract surgery.


We’ve taken oath to improve your vision without posing any risks. For this, our team is equipped with super-advanced medical tools. A brief of world-class products and equipment:

  • Optical Biometry LENSSTAR by Haag Streak (Switzerland)
  • Contact Biometry by SONOMED (USA)
  • Diagnostic Microscope by Zeiss ( Germany)
  • Slit lamp by Zeiss (Germany)
  • Auto-refractometer by Nidek and Grand Seiko(Japan)
  • Fundus camera for a retinal problem by Topcon (Japan)
  • OCT Cirrus 5000 for Glaucoma by Zeiss (Germany),
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Why choose Shanti Ram Netra Centre as your Eye health partner?


Shanti Ram Netra Centre is the employer of some of the India’s best eye surgeons who are well equipped with the advanced technology for better diagnostics and treatments. Promising the best from diagnostics to surgery and post-treatment care with us you are in right hands

Pioneering in the challenging diagnostics and treatment of Glaucoma we offer our patients the world-class care at affordable prices. Our in-house laboratory services cater to the tests like

  • Intraocular pressure measurement by Non-contact Tonometer Nidek (Japan)
  • Perkins Tonometer(USA)
  • Goldman tonometer (Switzerland)
  • Visual field examination by Auto perimeter
  • Optic nerves scanning with cirrus OCT Zeiss
  • Optic nerve photography
  • Pachymetry

At the Shanti Ram Netra Centre, you know you can depend on us on:

  • We pay rigorous attention to detailed diagnosis that is research-based
  • A personal approach towards each patient promises trust building
  • Pioneering treatment plans to reduce or eliminate any vision based issues.